Liminal SPace - Salone del mobile

Video installation for  Salone del Mobile 2015 , Milan.  Commissioned by HKU Design.

"Psychologists call 'liminal space' a place where boundaries dissolve a little and we stand there, on the threshold, getting ourselves ready to move across the limits of what we were into what we are to be.?"

During the international design fair Salone del Mobile from 14 to 19 April, HKU Design takes you into it's daily reality: a flexible, multiform world in which a variety of young designers develop themselves.

A liminal space where students jointly experiment, explore and discover, whatever their discipline or field of work.

A place where questions are more important than answers.

Where designers prepare to move across the limits of what they were into what they are to be.


Concept, Design & Art Direction: Lieke Jildou de Jong / Arlette Beerenfenger / Nicky Groenewoud

Graphic design: Sammy Hemerik 

Photography: Lion van den Brand

Film: Het Shot

Sound design: Tomas Loos

Construction: De Fabricant

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