Nicky Groenewoud

During her study Fashion Communication at HKU Nicky Groenewoud has found a way to make critical statements about social issues. While she uses lots of research to built a strong concept, it's the visual appealing packaging which ensures that her critical message is transmitted. Her portfolio includes short films, performances and interactive installations.
Nicky points out that her non-commissioned work is a playground which she uses to wake up the world and turn it into a happier place, step by step.

But there's more!
After her internship at Odette Simons in 2013, Nicky started working as a junior stylist at Studio Odette Simons. This gives her the opportunity to work for clients as ANWB, Yoga magazine, Vacanceselect, Margriet and Flair.

And last but definitely not least, you can contact Nicky for all kind of commissioned work regarding concept development, design in de broadest sense of the word, production, and styling / art direction.
Hope to hear from you!