This is how they sell pet products to you!

My graduation project! Series of 3 short fashion films. Selected for Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2015.

The petproduct industry successfully uses antropomorphism as marketingstrategy.

Pet owners are enchanted by the looks and descriptions of contemporary petproducts.

As result their minds start to transform their pets into human characters.

This makes them forget about the species-specific needs of their pet, which can be harmful.

My short film draws you into the bizarre world of petproducts, where anthropomorphic imagination sells.


A film by Nicky Groenewoud

Director: Jasper ten Hoor / Nicky Groenewoud

Director of Photography: Ivan Hidayat

Art Direction: Nicky Groenewoud


Tom Cornelisse (Maschio) / Marlou Drummen (Hand & Mouth)

Nikki Hofman (Catnip Cigar) / Koen Eybergen (Upper Body)

Eef de Groot (Crunchy Tasty Cup) 

Editing & Post-Production: Jasper ten Hoor & Ivan Hidayat

Sound design: Dirck de Kleer

Storyboard illustrator: Niels Starreveld

Costume realisation: Nicole Buurman / Fini Groenewoud

Props: Andy Groenewoud / Nicky Groenewoud / Joline de Veer

Make-up & Hair:

Effi van Swaal (Maschio)

Radha Sudan & Shardha Bhawan (Catnip Cigar)

Danielle Tukker (Crunchy Tasty Cup)